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Mapping Your Desire For Fiber.

LouisvilleWe want Gigabit Fiber internet in Louisville, and we need the addresses of those who want it first. Put your address on the list!

Residential fiber is a big investment for an Internet Service Provider (ISP). We are working to attract more ISP investment in residential fiber by identifying which Louisville neighborhoods have the most demand.  Help us determine the areas of Louisville where the desire for residential fiber is the highest.

Fiber heat map courtesy of YourMapper!

Get connected.

Update: On September 10th, 2015 Google Fiber announced they are exploring an expansion of service in Louisville. Please contact Google Fiber for more information on availability in your area.

  • Google Fiber Louisville
  • Update: On July 24th, 2014 Louisville Metro Council unanimously approved 3 new fiber franchises for the city of Louisville. Please contact these internet service providers for more information on fiber availability in your area.

  • SiFi Networks
  • BGN
  • Fiber Technologies

  • What is Fiber?

    Fiber CableIf you’re reading this from your home in Louisville, you are likely surfing the web at bandwidth speeds of 10-20Mbps. We are working to increase that speed to at least 50-100Mbps, and ideally 1Gbps! That means internet that is anywhere from 5 to 100 times faster! These internet speeds are possible when Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide Fiber to the Home (FTTH).

    Think it doesn’t mean a lot to you? Imagine streaming, downloading, communicating at 10 times the speed of your broadband connection today. It means TV quality that never compromises.  Internet speeds that never slow down. Fiber to the Home is the internet infrastructure for the 21st century.

    Interested? Be sure to contact the new fiber providers on the updated list!

    Next Steps.

    LouisvilleFiber.com collected addresses to create a Gigabit Fiber Demand report. We provided our data to both existing and potential Louisville Internet Service Providers. ISPs can match the demand data with their own network maps, and determine the best approach for providing customers with Fiber to the Home. All of our demand data is publicly available on this site, to best attract investment from any potential Internet Service Provider. Louisville Metro has awarded 3 new fiber franchises to ISPs, and they are moving forward with their own follow-up surveys and planning. Contact these companies directly for further information on how to get fiber to your home!

    Tell Me More.

    • Who Are You? We are a working group of Louisville internet users, academics, and business people who want 21st century broadband infrastructure in our city. We are collecting data, maps, and reports in order to attract Fiber to the Home as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Our findings will be provided to potential Fiber providers, and to the the Mayor’s Office of Economic Growth and Innovation at Louisville Metro Government. Forest Giant provides hosting. Aron Bacon designed this website. Christopher Cprek with University of Louisville Gig.U initiative processes the geocoding data. SmartyStreets provides geocoding services to us as a non-profit. YourMapper provides the heat map. Richard Meadows of Hacker Hostel of Louisville provides the hacker wrangling. Questions can be directed to christopher.cprek@louisville.edu
    • What is Happening Right Now?Internet Service Providers want to know the customer demand for fiber, to be effective in their investment costs for Fiber to the Home. The information we’re collecting will help to create a heat map of customer demand for Fiber to the Home. This initial data will likely be used to establish a Fiberhood – a neighborhood with enough interest to make fiber infrastructure cost effective.
    • When Will It Be Here?In order to get 21st century broadband in Louisville, optical fiber needs to extend to a customer’s home. This is known as “The Last Mile.” On November 14th the City of Louisville put out a Request for Information (RFI) from ISPs. It’s early in the last turn, and we’re going for the home stretch. Be sure your address is on the list.